I’ve owned my digital marketing firm for eleven years. I’ve worked alone at times, I’ve had employees at times, I built a team of over 30 super-talented people. And I’ve been extremely excited the entire journey. And believe me, that hasn’t changed.

Oh sure, I’ve had days when I’ve held my head in my hands and thought WHY????? But that never lasts more than a few minutes. Maybe an hour. And I always come back to the vision of what’s ahead for me.

But lately my vision has changed a bit. Not of what’s ahead, but of how best to get there.

I recently married the lady I’ve waited my entire life to meet. I can’t imagine the reasons God took so long to connect us but I know that everything I’ve done up to now has lead me to her. Now. For this.

I left the corporate world so I could have the freedom to “do things” without the constraints of dozens of decision-makers all wanting their fingerprints on the successful projects. I felt that I could do the job better, faster and more successfully by myself. And I was right, to a large degree.

I absolutely could get things done faster and more effectively than I could before. I completed more projects in a year than I would have previously been able to do in 10. In my position at a Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm, my colleagues and I would often answer the two most-asked questions (less than half jokingly) with one standard answer… “Six months, a million bucks.”

Oh for that type of timeline and budget in my current life!

And I would argue that close to 100% of the time, one smart person will make better decisions, faster than any committee of people who each have different goals and agendas.

I won’t get into the details of my long-term personal goals here. After all, those are personal. But suffice it to say they involve a legacy that will be around long after I’m gone.

But I do have goals that I want to see come to fruition. Sooner rather than later. And to achieve those goals I am realizing that I may have to change directions. Maybe being on my own isn’t the best path to where I want to be. I am realizing that maybe I need help. And that is a hard thing for me to admit. I truly have the entrepreneur’s spirit. I want to build something significant. And I won’t lie…I want my name on it. But maybe, just maybe, building it from scratch isn’t the best way, for me, to reach my goals.

More thoughts, ideas and more earth-shattering revelations coming soon…