I fear regret…

more than I fear failure.

Who is Jim Odom?

I’m really good at boiling things down into their fundamental components.


I see digital marketing as a mix of art and science to be used as a driver of customer delight. I’m the catalyst that mixes ideas, pushes concepts and finds the best way to energize brands through sophisticated marketing strategies.


I am a business owner and I think like a business owner. And that means constantly identifying opportunities to grow the business, the brand, whether indirectly or directly through great marketing.


I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and getting into the nitty gritty of the work, whether it’s code, design or content, yet my goal is ultimately to be a ‘thought-leader’ and provide more inspiration than ideas.


I don’t believe in marketing without a goal. I see digital marketing as a mix of art and science where content, design and technology play a role in solving problems that improve the consumer experience.


My most important attribute is the ability to build great teams. I work exceptionally well across all key functional areas including sales, technology, operations and customer service.


I’m always looking for opportunities and I’m not afraid to take risks for the sake of making things better. The one quote hanging over my desk… “I fear regret, more than I fear failure” – author unknown.

Part Artist, Part Scientist, Part Gambler

I didn’t realize it at the time, or at least didn’t have a name for it, but I’ve been an Inbound Marketer since I was in Business School in the late 80’s. I believed that Marketing was about getting in front of the right people at the right time. But what I learned in Business School was anything but that.

I began college life as a marketing major but after several years learning about the cutthroat world of “advertising” I gave up on marketing. I only learned how to yell louder, demand more and focus on the product…rather than the consumer. I was disappointed in how things worked and soon decided to focus on technology rather than Madison Ave.

Today I’m a Content Marketer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and SEO Strategist. My interest in the web began in 1993 when I was working as a computer support analyst at a university in Northern New Mexico while attending graduate school. A member of the faculty mentioned this thing called the World Wide Web and asked if I knew anything about it. By the end of that day I knew this “thing” was going to change the world. And I was going to be a part of it.

Fast forward 15 years. By this time I’ve been involved with the design and development of hundreds of web sites of all kinds. Sites with purposes ranging from a golf statistics repository to social media hubs to the eCommerce platform for a Fortune 100 financial services firm. Every site different. Every one with it’s own purpose and goals. Each with a unique audience. And each with a different set of challenges.

At some point during my journey I had my “Field of Dreams” moment when I realized that just because we build a website, doesn’t mean people will find it. I began trying to solve a problem: how can I lead audiences and impressions to these websites? Since then, I’ve advised dozens of businesses on UX, SEO and content strategy. Each is an interesting puzzle with varying business priorities and marketing funnel issues to account for.

I earned a degree in Information Systems, but I’ve been a storyteller since the early days. I enjoy teaching the process – breaking down complex technical concepts so they are easily understandable to my audience.

What’s next? Technology and communications are themes intertwined throughout my career with which I want to continue while channeling my creative ideas into solutions for the most pressing business challenges. My ideal role provides me with the freedom to drive marketing strategy and web optimization tactics, ideally leading a team of talented coders, designers, writers, and marketers on tactical projects. Did I mention I’m competitive? I will work tirelessly to make my company stand out from the pack.

The highpoints:

♦ Content Marketing + SEO + Strategy
♦ Visual Communication + Graphic Design
♦ UX + Digital Accessibility & Online Media Law
♦ User Persona Development
♦ User Groups + Usability Testing
♦ Generate & Nurture Leads
♦ Writing, Editing, Repurposing + Optimizing Inbound Tactics
♦ Mutli-Channel Promotion
♦ Project & Product Management
♦ Landing Page + Conversion Rate Optimization + Testing
♦ Analytics + Keyword Analysis
♦ SEO, SEM, PPC Campaign Analysis
♦ 360 degree customer view

Professional Background

If you’re really interested in the details…

My Thoughts…

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